Paperless Billing
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We always try to do business in a responsible way. Through new technologies, improved business processes, and cooperation with vendors and customers, we have significantly reduced our paper usage.
Why Go Paperless?
• Timely delivery of invoices - you'll know the next morning what invoices were charged to your account.
• Lowers energy usage, reduces CO2 emissions and saves trees.
• Greater efficiencies and more benefits for you:
• Easy monitoring of account activity
• 24/7 access
• Save documents for as long as needed without filing any paper.
• Share documents easily and download directly into popular accounting progams
• Search, sort, download, view, print and E-mail documents as needed
• Increased security
Questions? Call our Credit department at 303.209.4248, or email
To get started click below, then enter your Account Number and the Enrollment Token found at the bottom of your most recent invoice or statement.
Help us further reduce waste and protect the environment by moving to Paperless Billing through Invoice Gateway. Invoices and statements will be sent to the designated recipient via email or ebill. The email will contain a copy of any Invoice with an open balance that was shipped the previous day. At month end you will receive your Statement as well.
Note to Apple computer users: Apple "MAC" computers typically default to "Preview" mode when opening PDF files. In Preview mode the attachments in our emailed invoice/statements will not open properly. If MAC users open PDFs as "Adobe Acrobat" files or in "Adobe Reader" mode the attachments will open perfectly.
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