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Digital Printers
BN-20 20" Roland VersaStudio 5-Color Printer/Cutter
SP-300I 30" Roland VersaCAMM 4 Color ECO SOL SPi Printer/Cutter
M0E30A 54" HP Latex 110 Printer
B4H69A 54" HP Latex 310 Printer
VG-540 54" Printer / Cutter TrueVIS Roland
VG-640 64" Printer / Cutter TrueVIS Roland
VS-300 30" Printer / Cutter VersaCAMM Roland
VS-300i 30" Printer / Cutter VersaCAMM Roland
RF-640 64" VersaExpress RF 640 Eco Solvent Printer
Z6800 60" HP Designjet Photo Production Printer 6800
SP-540i 54" Roland VersaCAMM 4-color ECO SOL SPi Printer/Cutter
E2X76A 64" HP Latex 330 Printer
RT-640 64" Texart Dye Sublimation Printer 4 or 8 color
VS-540i 8-Color Roland VersaCAMM 54" Printer Cutter
LEF-12 12" VersaUV UV Tabletop Printer Roland
1018UVHS6 UV LED Inkjet Printer 6" Substrate Height Direct Color Systems
B4H70A 64" HP Latex 360 Printer
VS-640i 8-Color Roland VersaCAMM 64" Printer Cutter
1018UVMVP2 UV LED Inkjet Printer 2" Substrate Height Direct Color Systems
XR-640 64" Soljet Pro 4 Printer Cutter Roland
XF-640 64" SolJet Pro 4 Printer w Take Up and Dryer
1024UVMVP6 UV LED Inkjet Printer 6" Substrate Height Direct Color Systems
1024UVMVP15 UV LED Inkjet Printer 15" Substrate Height Direct Color Systems
LEC-330 30" VersaUV 6-Color Eco UV Printer/Cutter
320UV 10.5' Roll Printer Flora 4 to 8 Print Heads
LEC-540 54" VersaUV 6-Color Eco UV Printer / Cutter
LEJ-640 64" VersaUV Hybrid Flatbed Inkjet Printer
P78458A Edge FX Digital Thermal Printer Gerber
PCS/FX-enV375 PCS Package Edge FX / enV375 / Omega CP
PCS/FX-GS15+ PCS Package Edge FX / GS15 / Omega CP
PCS/FX-GSX PCS Package Edge FX / GSX+/ Omega CP
00103 FC Duster 1000 Fume Control Island Clean Air
00203 FC Duster 2000 Fume Control Island Clean Air
11303 3" Activated Carbon Filter 14.5 lbs. Duster
11307 1 1/2" Activated Carbon Filter 11 lbs. Duster
11404 3" Activated Carbon Filter 32 lbs. Duster
0222FC Duster 2000 FC W/ Pro Attachment Air Filter
11901 Fume-Pro Source Capture Adapter for D2FC
11219 Activated Carbon Refill Pellets Island Clean Air
11224 Activated Carbon Refill Package Duster 1000
11225 Activated Carbon Refill Package Duster 2000
DD64-1200-120v-DS Large Format Dryer up to 64" 120v Black Body
DDAS64-1200-120v-DS Large Format Dryer 64" Auto Shut off 120v Black
TU2-54 Media Take Up Bar/Rail VersaCAMM 54" Roland
EyeOne Display Spectrophotometer for Monitor Calibration
Software & RIPs
Other Software
PhotoZoom Pro 4 PhotoZoom Pro 4 Image Enlargement Software
TBWCOL-DVD The Bad Wrap Vehicle Wrap Template Software SAi
VA Mega Vector Art Mega Software Clipart
VA Mega 2 Vector Art Mega 2 Software Clipart
VA mega 3 Vector Art Mega 3 Clipart Software
VA Mega 1-2-3 Vector Art Combo Pack
EZ PPF Edition Graphix Direct Paint Protection Cutting System Software
Estimate Software Estimate Software
QB-PI Quick Books Plug-In Estimate Software
EW-PI Estimate Wraps Plug-In Software
EYEONEDB Gretag MacBeth Eye One Design
Print Craft Suite Print Craft Suite Aurora Graphics Software
90020 Photo Bundle Alien Skin
90053 Blow Up 3 Alien Skin Software
90055 Snap Art 3 Alien Skin Software
90058 Exposure 4 Alien Skin Software
90062 Eye Candy 7 Alien Skin Software
SPSG 2010 Signcontractors Pocket Pricing Guide Signwriter
Onyx RIP Software
Onyx ProductionHouse
Onyx Postershop
Onyx RIPCenter
Onyx Thrive
Gerber Omega
P83455A OMEGA 6.0 CP (Cut Print) Software
P83467A OMEGA 6.0 CS (Cut Solution) Software
P83475A Omega 6.0 Layout Station CP Level Design Only Software
P82403A Omega Autocarve English Option Gerber Software
P82406A Omega Autocarve Metric Option Gerber Software
P82433A Premium Gerber Soft Font Pack
p82430a Gerber Edge Font Pack 48 Edge Fonts
p82421a Omega Library Pack 62 Graphix Libraries
p82424a Highway Gothic Federal Kern 12 Pack
PhotoPRINT RIP Software
PhotoPRINT Server PhotoPRINT Server 6.1 SAi RIP Software
PhotoPRINT DX PhotoPRINT DX 6.1 SAi RIP Software
PhotoPRINT SE PhotoPRINT SE 6.1 SAi RIP Software
Enroute v5
EnRoute Basic Windows Only
EnRoute Plus Windows Only
EnRoute PRO Windows Only
FlexiSIGN - Cloud
FE10 FlexiEXPERT 10
FS10 FlexiSIGN 10
FL10 FlexiLETTER 10
FS10 MUTCD FlexiSign10 with MUTCD
OFENG8W FlexiENGRAVE Option for FlexiSIGN
OG2BRA Grade 2 Braile Option for FlexiSIGN
OPLUSP PlusPRINT RIP Option for FlexiSIGN FlexiEXPERT 10
OMULTICC Multiple Contour Cut Option FlexiEXPERT FlexiSIGN FlexiLETTER
TBWCOL-DVD The Bad Wrap Vehicle Wrap Template Software SAi
Laminators & Trimmers
RSC-820CLS 32" Cold Laminator Royal Sovereign
RSL-2701 27" Table Top Roll Hot Laminator Royal Sovereign
RSL-2702 27" PRO Table Top Roll Hot Laminator Royal Sovereign
RSC-1050CL 41" Cold Laminator Royal Sovereign
SEAL-54545 54EL Cold Roll Laminator Seal
SEAL-5401 Roll Trough for Seal 54 EL Laminator
RSC-1402CW 55" Cold Laminator with Rear Winder Royal Sovereign
RSC-1402HW 55" Heat Assist Top Roller with Rear Winder Royal Sovereign
RSC-1651LS 65" Cold Laminator 1" Mounting Capacity
RSC-1651LSH 65" Heat Assist Laminator 122 F 1" Mounting Capacity
RSH-1151 45" Hot Cold Roll Laminator Royal Sovereign
SEAL-65656 65EL Cold Roll Laminator Seal 65 EL
RSH-1651 65" (Hot/Cold) Laminator Royal Sovereign
RSFF-1400A 55" Front Feed Assembly for Royal Sovereign
RSFF-1650A 65" Front Feed Assembly for Royal Sovereign
RSWU-1400A 55" Rear Wind up Assembly Royal Sovereign
RSWU-1650 65" Rear Wind up Assembly Royal Sovereign
SEA64341 54 Base Laminator 115vac 15amp 1 Phase
SEA-64338 62 Base Laminator 115vac 16amp 1 Phase
SEA-64613 62 Base Roll to Roll Option
SEA-64296 61" Wide Seal Pro S Laminator Hot Top Roller
2160103U 60" Econocraft Heavy Duty Laminator 110v Ledco
2160104 60" Econocraft Heavy Laminator Take Up/Stand Ledco
2060106 Bottom Supply Roll For Econocraft 60 Laminator
2060104A Precision Feed Table for Econocraft 60 Laminator
2170000 Release Liner Take Up & Stand For Econocraft 60
EP60 195.5 PRE-FEED Slitter for Ledco Econocraft 60 Laminator
2025100 EP-25 PreMask Applicator 110v Light Duty Ledco Laminator
9025100D 25" Educator 110v Table Top Laminator LEDCO
FSC 04-720 65" Fletcher Substrate Cutter
FSC 04-722 60" Substrate Cutter F-60 Fletcher Terry
FSC 04-755 120" Fletcher Titan Substrate Cutter Trimmer
60170 54" Rotary Trimmer "M" Series Trimmer Foster
RET-1501 59" Electric Trimmer Free Standing Royal Sovereign
RET-2501 98" Electric Trimmer Free Standing Royal Sovereign
FSC 02-120 Glass Cutting Blade 1 Set Wheel Fletcher-Terry
FSC 04-771 Wheel Holder for ACM 4mm Fletcher Terry Aluminum
FSC 04-770 1/4" Blade Holder for Fletcher-Terry FSC
FSC 04-120 1/2" Blade Holder for Fletcher Terry FSC
FSC 05-222 1/4" & 1/2" Replacement Blades Fletcher-Terry 10 per tube
FSC 05-223 Aluminum Composite Wheels 2pk For Fletcher-Terry
FSC 05-224 Aluminum Sheet Wheels For Fletcher-Terry 2 pk
FSC 04-772 Aluminum Sheet Wheel Holder Fletcher-Terry
FSC 04-779 V-Groove Tool Holder W/blade Fletcher-Terry
FSC 05-233 V-Groove Replacement Blades (2Pack) Fletcher-Terry
FSC 05-004 Blades (100) for Titan Cutter Trimmer Fletcher-Terry
KE06/000 Excalibur 1000 63" Sheet material Cutter Foster
KE02/000 Excalibur 5000 63" Sheet Material Cutter Foster
Coro-Claw Cutter for Plasticore Knife Tool Saw Trax
CWT 1630 9'10"x5'3" Work Table / Laminator
CWT 1640 13'1"x5'3" Work Table / Laminator
CWT 1647 15'5"x5'3" Work Table / Laminator
CWT 1840 13'1"x5'11" Work Table / Laminator
CWT 1847 15'5"x5'11" Work Table / Laminator
M1650002 65" Mistral 1650 Cold Laminator Kala
Vinyl Cutters
CE6000-40 15" Wide Table Top Cutter Graphtec
CE6000-60 24" Graphtec Plotter Cutter with Stand
PG0022 CE5000-60 Media Catch Basket Graphtec
CE6000-120 48" Graphtec Plotter Cutter with Stand
CE6000--120AKZ Graphtec Plotter Cutter w/Stand & Media Catch Basket
FC8600-60 Graphtec 24" Plotter Cutter
FC8600-75 Graphtec 30" Plotter Cutter
FC8600-100 Graphtec 42" Plotter Cutter
FC8600-130 Graphtec 54" Plotter Cutter
FC8600-160 Graphtec 64" Plotter Cutter
FC4500-50 23.2" x 17" Cutting Area Flatbed Cutting Plotter
FC4510-60 33.8" x 23.6" Cutting Area Flatbed Graphtec Plotter
FC2250-60VC Vacuum Hold-Down 24"x36" Flatbed Plotter Graphtec
FC2250-120VC Vacuum Hold-Down 36" X 47.2" Flatbed Plotter Graphtec
FC2250-120ES Electrostatic Hold-Down 47.2"x36" Flatbed Graphtec
GX-24 24" 24" Servo Desktop Vinyl Cutter Plotter Roland
GX-300 30" 30" Pro Series Vinyl Cutter Roland
GX-400 40" 40" Pro Series Vinyl Cutter Roland
GX-500 50" 50" Pro Series Vinyl Cutter Roland
GX-640 64" Pro Series Vinyl Cutter Roland
GT 600/Omega CS Gerber Tempo 600/ Omega CS Bundle 24" Plotter
P55161A GS-X Plus Plotter Cutter
P55225A GS-15 Plus Plotter Cutter
p56725a GS-750 Plus-M 30" Plotter
P66141A Gerber enVision 375 Plotter Cutter
P65509A Gerber enVision 750 Plotter Cutter

Routers & Engravers
P69357A Sabre 404 Router W/ T-Vac Table Gerber
P69359A Sabre 408 w/ T-Vac Vacuum Table Router Gerber
p61851a Sabre Engraver Option Gerber
Biesse CNC Routers
EGX-30A 8"x12" Desktop Engraver EGX-30A Roland
EGX-350 9"x12" Desktop Engraver EGX-350 Roland
EGX-360 Gift & Trophy Engraver Roland
EGX-600 Professional Engraver 24" x 16" x 1.7" Roland
MDX-15 6" x 4" x 2.375" Desktop 3D Scanning & Milling Roland
MDX-20 8" x 6" x 2.375" Desktop 3D Scanning & Milling Roland
Aries Graphics
LED Wizard
Sign Wizard
Neon Wizard