I began working at Denco in October of 2015. I grew up in Broomfield, Co and am the youngest of 10 kids. I worked at a Ski area and photographed river rafting trips in New Mexico in the early 90's, which lead me to a career in the the photo lab industry. I moved back to Colorado and worked at Robert Waxman as a photo lab tech. I eventually became the Lab Operations Manager and was responsible for the repair and maintenance of the photo lab equipment and lab personnel training at 8 locations. A few years later, I accepted a job managing a very busy full service photo lab in Denver and from there was offered a job with the manufacturer of the photo lab equipment as an onsite technical service representative. I worked there for 18 ½ years and with that job, traveled all over the country and even to Finland, where I installed equipment on a cruise ship that was in its final stages of being built.

When I'm not at work, I love to hike with my two dogs, Sadie and Luke. I am also a crew member on a stock car race team. These days, we race primarily at Colorado National Speedway in Erie, Co. I've also worked on the fire and safety team at Pike's Peak International Speedway, and was on the fire and safety team for the Denver Grand Prix.
Erin Avants