I am Joe Torri, field technician for Denco Sales. I have been working for Denco Sales since 2008. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia. I have been in the graphics and print industry since 2004 and have worked in all aspects of the industry. I have worked as a graphic designer in sign shops and as a technical adviser for graphical equipment and software. I enjoy creating graphics as well as teaching the new and eager how to use graphics software and equipment.

In my spare time I enjoy going on adventures with my wife. That would include anything from a hike in Yosemite to a trip to a remote island. In our journeys, I try capturing the moments with photography and video. I will usually make a video or book for friends and family of our trips. I also enjoy playing sports and watching sports either on TV or in person. Go Giants! Go Sharks!

Joe Torri