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Manufacturers' Price Changes
Around April 18th - 5-25% increase on Signicade/Plasticade products, as inventory is replenished
April 19th - 3-5% increase on most CCI (Chemical Consultants) products
April 19th - 8%-plus increase on some
CCI (Chemical Consultants) products
May 1st - 5% increase on Alumet steel, aluminum and aluminum composite products
May 1st - 10% increase on Lord Adhesives products
May 3rd - approx. 5% increase on Allanson products
May 3rd - 4% increase on SFEG (France) transformers
May 3rd - 10% increase on SFEG (France) transformer and LED cans
May 3rd - 5% increase on Westrim products
May 6th - 3-6% increase on Avery Dennison products
May 15th - 6% increase on Nutec inks
May 15th - 6% increase on Transferite application tape
May 15th - 12-20% increase on
3A Composites products
May 18th - 12-15% increase on aluminum screen printing frames from Saati
May 24th - 10% increase on all stock H-Frames, A-Frames and T-Posts from All Sign Steel
May 24th - 8% increase on all
Weld-on / IPS Adhesives products
June 1st - 6-10% additional increase on many 3A Composites products
June 1st - 3-5% increase on Avery Dennison Traffic Division products
June 1st - 2-8% increase on Seal and GBC products
June 1st - 5-28% increase on Inventory Sales steel products
June 1st - 11% increase on Signcomp products
June 1st - 5% increase on all Contra Vision products
June 1st - 4-5% increase on many GDI professional film installation tools
June 7th - 10% increase on all Multipanel / Alupanel products
Around June 10th - 5% additional increase on Alumet steel, aluminum and aluminum composite products
June 15th - approx. 12% increase on Robert & Sons aluminum products
June 28th - 6% increase on all Sapphire, Emerald and Aspire banner material
July 1st - 5% increase on all 3M Graphics Division products
July 1st - 8% (average) increase on LEDVance/Sylvania products
July 1st - 2-5% increase on Phototex products
July 1st - 18% increase on Wagner Zip-change letter track
July 10th - 7% additional increase on Alumet steel, aluminum and aluminum composite products
July 12th - 5% additional increase on Paige GTO and LED wire
July 14th - 20% increase on standard SS 2-wire coroplast sign stakes
Around July 15th - 7-10% increase on Tuffak polycarbonate products from Plaskolite
Beginning around August 16th - 20-22% increase on MDO plywood products

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