"Hey everyone, just a little bit about me. I'm a "Gen X" kid and if you look at my photo above, there's no way I look that old. Maybe I'll reclassify myself as a "Post-Millennial"….nah, I love getting older, wiser, more mature…well, maybe not mature.

Before joining the Denco technical support team, I was employed with Roland DGA Corp. for 14 years, as a tech support representative. I provided assistance with all sorts of device, computer, and software related questions and failures. I've supported the entire catalog of Roland products, including printers, cutters, engravers, software (even 3rd party) and the dreaded digital signage device "Roland DisplayStudio" (agrr…just shoot me now). You give me a service manual, parts, tools and time, I'll get it fixed!

I LOVE everything '80s and Dawn (my significant other of 21 years) still teases me about this. I love the movies, the culture, the history and the music (e.g. soft rock, rap and R&B especially). If there's an '80s movie on TV, I'm compelled to watch a small bit of it (even if just for a few minutes).

Dawn and I have two big'ole dogs, two kitty cats (we've had them 11 years) and one Ball Python snake (since 1998 and still alive!). No human children, just the zoo we call home.

My life is pretty simple and that's the way I like it. Just spend time at home occasionally playing video games, try to squeeze in a full movie every now and then, and addicted to the live news…what's gonna happen next in our country…yippie). Now only if we could hit the lottery, then we'd really be set!"
Randall Nelson