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Keep your printer running its best with a little deeper maintenance than your regular weekly/daily cleanings. Here are some maintenance tasks you need to perform:
Turn off the printer and use a strong flashlight to do a thorough examination:
• Remove maintenance covers and remove the media.
• Blow off any dust with canned air or wipe off with a damp (not wet) rag.
Clean up ink overspray and splatters - use isopropyl alcohol or waterless hand cleaner on plastic or painted metal parts that do not directly contact the printheads. You can use cleaning fluid on unpainted metal if necessary.
• Clean the grit wheels with a toothbrush.
• Clean any ink or adhesive buildup from the platen.
• Make sure that your edge guards are clean and not bent or distorted.
• Examine and clean the rubber pinch wheels - replace if worn or damaged.
Keep your printheads healthy. Replace captops every 6 to 18 months, depending on your printer.
• Replace your captops. If you haven't done it in a year, or more, do it now.
• Ink buildup damages the captops, causing the normally soft plastic to harden. This reduces their ability to clean the head properly; keep it sealed and prevent them from drying out.
Replace your wipers! They're not designed to last forever. Replace every 6 to 12 months depending on your printer.
• Replace the wiper cleaner or scraper - your wipers can't clean the heads if they are dirty themselves.
• Clean around the printhead with recommended swabs and cleaning fluid for your printer.
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